Registering a Turkey Online

How to Register a Turkey Online

Hunters may opt to register their birds online and will be asked to provide all the same information online as they would if registering at a physical location. The tag that is issued with the hunter's turkey license must be securely affixed to the bird as no official leg seal will be issued.


Prior to starting the online registration process, hunters should have the following information readily available:

  • Turkey license information
  • License plate number of the vehicle used while hunting
  • Town and Wildlife Management Unit where the turkey was harvested
  • Sex of the bird
  • Age of the bird (adult vs. juvenile)
  • Weight of the bird (to the nearest 1/4 pound)
  • Beard length (to the nearest 1/4 inch)
  • Spur lengths (to the nearest 1/16 inch)

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Physical Registration Stations

NHFG continues to work with registration locations throughout the state to provide local resources for hunters to register their birds. Some stations are transitioning over to an online registration platform while others will continue to complete paper registrations. The same information will be collected as in previous years, and turkeys registered at check stations which complete paper registrations will still receive an official leg seal as validation the turkey was legally registered. Online stations will supply hunters with a Turkey Confirmation Card that contains a unique Turkey Confirmation Number in lieu of a seal.

Prior to entering a registration station, you should have your turkey hunting license in hand, know the license plate number of the vehicle used while hunting as well as the town and WMU that the bird was harvested, in order to expedite the registration process. Some registration stations may have limited hours, or be experiencing other restrictions because of COVID-19 public health guidelines. Hunters should call ahead to find out if their local registration station will be open and continuing to register turkeys. For the most up to date list of registration stations in New Hampshire, visit Deer and Turkey Check Stations in New Hampshire.

NOTE: Upon submission of the registration, a confirmation number will be issued. You must print or save this information electronically as proof of completion of your online registration.