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Marine Conservation Projects in New Hampshire

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  • American Eel - Young of the Year Survey The Marine Fisheries Division conducts an annual survey of young of the year American eels (elvers and glass eels) to monitor annual variation in American eel recruitment and understand long-term trends in the population. These types of surveys are conducted in each state along the Atlantic coast.
  • Coastal Harvester Reporting Program | Appendix The Marine Fisheries Division tabulates catch and effort information from a required annual reporting program from individuals that have obtained a Coastal Harvest Permit to harvest finfish, American eels, and horseshoe crabs from coastal and estuarine waters of New Hampshire.
  • Estuarine Juvenile Finfish Survey  | Appendix The Marine Fisheries Division conducts an annual survey of juvenile finfish within Great Bay, Piscataqua River, Little Harbor, and Hampton/Seabrook Harbor to monitor the relative abundance of juvenile finfish utilizing NH estuaries for nursery habitat.
  • Lobster and Crab Harvester and Dealer Reporting - Will provide the update at a later date.
  • New Hampshire/Maine Inshore Trawl Survey | Appendix The Marine Fisheries Division works cooperatively with the Maine Department of Marine Resources in conducting an annual fisheries independent monitoring survey in nearshore NH and Maine waters (5-60 fathoms) to fill information gaps needed to assess current populations of important recreational and commercial finfish and invertebrates for fisheries management.
  • Rainbow Smelt - The Marine Fisheries Division conducts an annual rainbow smelt survey during the winter ice fishery in Great Bay and tributaries to monitor New Hampshire’s rainbow smelt resource:
  • River Herring and American Shad | Appendix The Marine Fisheries Division monitors annual spring spawning runs of anadromous fish such as river herring (alewives and blueback herring) and American shad in six coastal and estuarine river systems along the coast of NH to restore runs to historic levels.
  • Striped Bass Volunteer Angler Survey PDF Document The Marine Fisheries Division has conducted an annual Striped Bass Volunteer Angler Survey since 1993 to annually monitor the recreational fishery for striped bass to identify trends and evaluate the effect of fisheries management for this species.
  • Buffer Options for the Bay - A summary of the best available science, policy, economic and community values information related to buffer management in the Great Bay region.
  • River Herring and Shad Monitoring
  • Invasive Plant Control Options for Landowners: It's Your Choice - Invasive plants are a problem throughout the state, but coastal properties have special needs and control options. Read the overview and click through the slide shows to learn more about how to fight harmful invasives in your own yard or neighborhood.
  • Passport to Great Bay Document Learn more about a guide available for exploring conserved lands.