Turkey Hunting in New Hampshire

NH Turkey Season Dates and Resources

A turkey license, valid for both the spring and fall seasons, is required in New Hampshire. In addition to the turkey license, residents also must have a current NH hunting, archery or combination license, and nonresidents must have a big game hunting or archery license, depending on their hunting plans. Youth hunters age 15 or younger must possess a turkey license but do not need a hunting license.

  • For details on seasons, shooting hours, and other rules, please consult the NH Hunting and Trapping Digest.
  • It is unlawful to take a turkey with a rifle, air rifle, dogs, electronic calling devices, live decoys, by fanning or reaping, or while it is perched in a tree.
    • EXCEPTION: Dogs are allowed during the NH fall turkey season only to facilitate the hunter in breaking up the flocks.
  • If using a bow, it must be at least a 30-pound-pull bow.
  • The name and address of the archer shall be plainly printed on each arrow. Fixed blade broadheads shall not be less than 7/8 inch wide. Retractable blade broadheads may be smaller than 7/8 inch wide in flight, but not less than 7/8 inch wide when open. There is no maximum size restriction on fixed blade or retractable blade broadheads.
  • The turkey must be tagged immediately upon killing. All birds must be registered within 24 hours of harvest either online or in person at a registration station. 
  • Companion hunting: A person who has taken a turkey may assist another properly licensed turkey hunter by calling only. The person assisting by calling shall not possess a firearm or bow and arrow.
  • Hunters who harvest 1 bird in the spring may harvest 1 bird during either the fall archery or fall shotgun season. Hunters who harvest 2 birds in the spring forfeit their opportunity to harvest a fall bird. 
Turkey Season Dates
Season (Inclusive Dates) Wildlife Management Units Season Limit
Fall Archery (Sep 15- Dec 8) A Combined Limit 1 turkey (either sex) 
Fall Archery (Sep 15- Dec 15) B-M Combined Limit 1 turkey (either sex) 
Fall Shotgun (Oct 14-20, 2024) D2, G, H1, H2, I1, I2, J2, K, L, M Combined Limit 1 turkey (either sex)
Spring (May 1- 31) One turkey statewide- other turkey H1, H2, I1, J2, K, L, or M Combined Limit One or 2 (male/ bearded)
Youth (April 27-28, 2024) One turkey statewide- other turkey H1, H2, I1, J2, K, L, or M Combined Limit One or 2 (male/ bearded)


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