Marine Licenses and Permits

Applicable License Applications, Forms and Permits for Saltwater Fishing

NH Fishing Licenses

Saltwater Fishing License Requirements

All persons age 16 and older recreationally fishing in coastal and estuarine waters of the state must purchase a NH Saltwater Recreational Fishing License. This includes anglers, spearfishers and persons using other gear types who wish to take, possess, or transport marine finfish for personal use and which are not sold.


License Applications

NOTE: If you need a paper application by mail, contact the Marine Division at (603) 868-1095 or the Licensing Desk at Fish and Game headquarters at (603) 271-3422 between 8:15 AM and 4:00 PM, weekdays.


Commercial Shrimp License

New Hampshire Commercial Clam License

Shrimp Processing and Sea Herring Possession Permit 

Lobster Tail Permit 

New Hampshire Coastal/Estuarine Waters Harvest Permit 

Notice for Those Harvesting American Eels 

Lobster, Crab, and Lobster Helper's License 

  • An applicant can apply for only one type of license: Recreational (up to 5-traps), Part-Time Commercial (up to 100-traps), Limited Commercial (up to 600-traps), or Commercial (up to 1,200-traps).
  • Limited Commercial and Commercial Lobster and Crab licenses are limited access licenses. For qualification criteria, see

Affidavit for Limited Access Lobster and Crab Licenses

  • Download the affidavit used to maintain eligibility for the commercial or limited commercial license instead of purchasing a license if you don't intend to fish this year or opt to fish this year under the open access part-time commercial license or the recreational license.

Lobster Trap Tag Order Forms

Commercial Saltwater License

  • Required to take, possess, land, or transport marine species for the purpose to sell. This license is issued to an individual. Lobsters and crabs may not be taken with this license.

Lobster and Crab Landing License 

  • License to transport in state waters and crabs taken outside the jurisdiction of the state via ship, vessel or similar craft. This license is issued to an individual.

Retail Trade of Lobster and Crab

  • Required to buy, sell, process, ship and transport. Separate license required for each additional market, store, vehicle or other facility.

Notice Regarding the Retail Sale of Raw (Green) Lobster Tails 

New Hampshire Wholesale Marine Species License 

  • Required to engage in the wholesale trade of buying, selling, processing and transport of Marine Species. A separate license is required for each additional market, store, vehicle or other facility.

Saltwater Fishing Vessels 

  • Needed for party and charter boat vessels to provide recreational saltwater fishing opportunities for persons taking finfish from coastal or estuarine waters.

Lifetime Limited Saltwater License

  • Persons holding a valid Lifetime Fishing or Lifetime Combination Hunting and Fishing License issued prior to January 1, 2011, may apply for a saltwater license for the following species only: saltwater smelt, saltwater shad and saltwater salmonoids. No charge. Must be applied for each year.