Deer Hunting in New Hampshire

NH Deer Season Dates and Resources

September 15 - December 15, 2023 (closes December 8 in WMU A)

October 28 - November 7, 2023 Statewide

November 8 - December 3, 2023 (closes November 26, 2023 in WMU A)

Youth Deer Weekend: 
October 21 - 22, 2023

Deer Hunting in NH

Deer Hunting in NH

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2023 Archery Dates
Season (Inclusive Dates) Wildlife Management Units
Any Deer (Sept. 15–Dec. 8) WMU A-Note: Archery deer season ends one week early.
Any Deer (Sept. 15–Dec. 15) B-M


2023 Muzzleloader Dates
Season (Inclusive Dates) Wildlife Management Units
Antlered deer only (Oct. 28–Nov. 7) A, B, C1, C2, D1, D2E
Any deer (Oct. 28) E, F, G2, I2
Antlered deer only (Oct. 29–Nov. 7) E, F, G2, I2
Any deer (Oct. 28–Oct. 29) I1
Antlered deer only (Oct. 30–Nov. 7) I1
Any deer (Oct. 28–Oct. 30) H1, J1, K
Antlered deer only (Oct. 31–Nov. 7) H1, J1, K
Any deer (Oct. 28–Oct. 31) D2W, H2, J2
Antlered deer only (Nov. 1–Nov. 7) D2W, H2, J2
Any deer (Oct. 28–Nov. 1) G1
Antlered deer only (Nov. 2–Nov. 7) G1
Any deer (Oct. 28–Nov. 7) L, M


2023 Firearm Dates
Season (Inclusive Dates) Wildlife Management Units
Antlered deer only (Nov. 8–Nov. 26) WMU A—Note: Firearm deer
season ends one week early.
Antlered deer only (Nov. 8–Dec. 3) B, C1, C2
Any deer (Nov. 8) D1, D2E, E, F
Antlered deer only (Nov. 9–Dec. 3) D1, D2E, E, F
Any deer (Nov. 8–Nov. 9) G2, I1, I2
Antlered deer only (Nov. 10–Dec. 3) G2, I1, I2
Any deer (Nov. 8–Nov. 10) J1
Antlered deer only (Nov. 11–Dec. 3) J1
Any deer (Nov. 8–Nov. 11) H1, H2, J2, K
Antlered deer only (Nov. 12–Dec. 3) H1, H2, J2, K
Any deer (Nov. 8–Nov. 12) D2W, G1
Antlered deer only (Nov. 13–Dec. 3) D2W, G1
Any deer (Nov. 8–Nov. 17) L, M
Antlered deer only (Nov. 18–Dec. 3) L, M


2023 Special Permits
Season Permittees
Antlerless deer only 3,000 Permittees in Unit L
Antlerless deer only 4,000 Permittees in Unit M


2023 Youth Hunt1
Season Permittees
Any deer (Oct. 21 & 22) Statewide


Deer Baiting2
Season Wildlife Management Areas
October 18–November 15 WMU A-L
September 15–December 15 WMU M


1Nonresident youth hunters may participate provided N.H. youth can hunt during youth deer hunts in their state of residence.

2Further restrictions apply.