Shed Hunting

Tips for shed hunting in New Hampshire

Deer antler shed Every winter deer and moose drop their antlers following the breeding season, triggered by a decrease in their testosterone levels. People use these shed antlers for a variety of purposes ranging from crafts to dog chew toys and searching for them has become an increasingly popular activity. Shed hunting can be a great way to get outdoors and to learn more about wildlife but NHFG urge shed hunters to follow some guidelines to minimize their impact on our deer and moose populations.

  • Delay shed hunting until spring when wildlife are less vulnerable

    • Winter is a stressful time for wildlife and disturbing them can cause them to burn through their fat reserves quicker, potentially decreasing their chances of survival
  • Don’t disturb wildlife – look where wildlife were, not where they are 
    • If you are spooking large numbers of animals, it is best to look elsewhere or come back later in the season
  • Take extra care if accompanied by a dog or traveling via snowmobile as they can be especially disruptive to wildlife
  • Don’t trespass on posted land 

Moose antler shed