Game Management Plan

Ten Year New Hampshire Conservation Objectives

Moose taking a swimGame Management Plan (2016-2025)

The current Game Management Plan establishes population goals and objectives for moose, deer, bear, wild turkey and other game species for the period 2016 through 2025. The final draft plan was unanimously adopted by the Fish and Game Commission at their June 2015 meeting.


NH Game Management Plan (2016-2025)

The planning process involved the preparation of background material as well as public input. Game project leaders created comprehensive species assessments which provided background information on the history and management of game populations in New Hampshire.


NH 2015 Bear Assessment 
NH 2015 Moose Assessment 
NH 2015 Snowshoe Hare Assessment 
NH 2015 Deer Assessment 
NH 2015 Ruffed Grouse Assessment 
NH 2015 Wild Turkey Assessment 

A random telephone survey was completed in November of 2014 in support of this game management planning effort. The survey provided valuable input from the public (including hunters) on a variety of game management-related subjects. In addition, an internet-based questionnaire about game management in New Hampshire was conducted online in January 2015. The questionnaire was modeled on our telephone survey and provided an opportunity for constituents who did not participate in our telephone survey to provide input.


Game project leaders used this public input as well as current biological and species status information to develop an initial draft plan. Public comment on this initial draft was solicited at a series of five statewide evening public meetings held in March 2015. Input received at these meetings was considered in developing a revised draft plan. Public comment on this revised draft was gathered at two open house sessions held in April and was used to develop the final draft which was presented to and adopted by the Fish and Game Commission. The Department wishes to thank those who participated in the process of developing this plan, which will guide game management efforts.


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If you have any questions about the planning effort, please contact Dan Bergeron at (603) 271-2461.