River Herring and American Shad

Information on River Herring and American Shad

NH Fish and Game's Marine Fisheries Division monitors the annual spring spawning runs of anadromous fish, such as river herring PDF Document (alewives and blueback herring) and American shad, in six coastal and estuarine river systems along the coast of New Hampshire, with the goal of restoring these spawning runs to historic levels. Anadromous fish migrate between the ocean and freshwater during various life stages.

Annual Spawning Run Updates

Each year Fish and Game biologists open the Department's six fish ladders at the beginning of April to monitor anadromous fish spawning runs in New Hampshire's coastal rivers.

The following Table is updated annually to show the river herring spawning run totals passing through the Department’s monitored fish ladders since the construction of these fishways.

River Herring Spawning Run Totals Chart