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New Hampshire Wildlife Rules Proposals

2023-2024 Wildlife Rules Proposals

Wildlife biologists review data from New Hampshire's hunting seasons every year to monitor the status of game species. The Department revises its rules every two years, unless otherwise necessary.


Wildlife Biennial Rulemaking Public Comments


turkey in the woodsChanges are recommended to ensure that season dates, bag limits, and permit issuances are in line with wildlife population goals and objectives outlined in the state's ten-year Game Management Plan. While the Game Management Plan outlines long-term management goals, the Department uses the rule-making process to adjust seasons and affect changes to wildlife populations to meet these long-range objectives. Proposed revisions to rules are based on a scientific review of harvest data, field observations, research findings, and input from the public.

This page will feature species-specific information on proposed rule changes for the 2023-2024 seasons as we proceed through the process. Updates will be added periodically with important information so lease check back often for new information.

Two remote public hearings were conducted in 2021. These hearings provided people with an opportunity to make comments on and suggested changes to hunting and trapping rules, wildlife management strategies, and other NH Fish and Game Department functions.




Draft Rules

Species Specific Proposals
Updated 3/10/23

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New Hampshire Wildlife Harvest Summary

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