Curriculum Kits

Free Pre-Assembled Wildlife Education Kits

Curriculum kits are FREE to borrow from New Hampshire Fish and Game.

These kits contain materials, equipment, and activities to do a unit on a particular subject. Kits can be borrowed for 2 weeks at a time and can be picked up at and returned to Fish and Game headquarters, 11 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH. Use the online request form or contact us at - (603) 271-3211 with questions.


track kitTrack Kit

Contains rubber tracks and sign of many wildlife species; includes activities and overheads to help teach about New Hampshire’s wildlife. This compliments the track activity from Project WILD.



fur kitFur Kit

Many species of New Hampshire wildlife are elusive and difficult to see. The kit enables students to examine 14 common species’ pelts up close. It is a good complement to the track kit.

Furbearer Fundamentals kitFurbearer Fundamentals

(Targets middle school students)

Furbearers are those mammals that have traditionally been trapped for their fur. Kit contains pelts, scat, tracks and skulls of fourteen furbearers found in the northeast. Suggested interdisciplinary unit plans, activities, field guides, keys, and fact sheets are included to support teaching the three sub-themes:

  •  Natural history of furbearers
  •  History of furbearers, including their connection to the changing landscape and the development of the U.S.
  •  Wildlife management techniques.

moose kitMoose Kit

Borrow a moose hide, skull, and antler kit for hands-on learning. Please note, this kit comes in a large, heavy tote.

moose skullMoose skull

Borrow a genuine female moose skull and assorted bones for hands-on learning.