Spring Salamander

Gyrinophilus porphyriticus

Spring salamanderNH Conservation Status: Not listed.

State Rank Status: Apparently secure.

Distribution: May be found throughout NH in appropriate habitat. However, not particularly abundant anywhere in the state.

Description: A large 5-8 inch salamander that may be red, salmon, yellowish, or brownish in color. There is a dark net-like molting on the sides, back, and tail. Has a white line running from the eye to the nostril.

Commonly Confused Species: None.

Habitat: Under rocks in cold, clear springs and streams in forested areas. Also found under cover objects adjacent to streams. May venture out into forested areas during rains.

Life History: Up to 100 eggs are attached to the bottoms of rocks or logs within streams. Females guard the nests. Remain active during winter in wet, unfrozen substrate near brooks or streams.

Conservation Threats: Sedimentation, habitat loss from logging operations, acid rain.

Distribution Map