Smooth green snake

Liochlorophis vernalis

Smooth green snakeNH Conservation Status: Species of Special Concern; NH Wildlife Action Plan Species in Greatest Need of Conservation

State Rank Status: Vulnerable

Distribution: Throughout NH, including Isles of Shoals

Description: A thin, slender bright-green snake measuring 10-20 inches. The underside is white or a pale yellow.

Commonly Confused Species: None

Habitat: Found in upland grassy fields, pastures, meadows, blueberry barrens, and forest openings.

Life History: During late summer 7-9 eggs are laid under rotting wood, rocks, or underground in loose soil. Eggs may be laid communally. Hibernates underground and sometimes communally with other snakes. Probably eats mostly insects.

Conservation Threats: Loss of open fields from succession or development, pesticide and insecticide spraying.

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