Pickerel Frog

Lithobates palustris

Pickerel frogNH Conservation Status: Not listed

State Rank Status: Widespread and secure

Distribution: Throughout NH

Description: A 1.5-3 inch tan or greenish frog with 2-3 rows of squarish dark spots along the back and hind legs. The undersides of the thighs are bright yellow or orange.

Commonly Confused Species: Northern leopard frog has rounded dark blotches with pale borders and lacks bright color on the inner thigh.

Habitat: Usually found near water or moist woodland areas. Edges of lakes and ponds, streams, wet pastures and fields are places pickerel frogs can be found. Dense vegetation is used for cover along aquatic environments.

Life History: Attaches a few thousand eggs to submerged vegetation in shallow pools or ponds. Hibernates in the mud-bottoms of ponds.

Voice: A low, steady croak lasting 1-2 seconds.

Conservation Threats: Species is secure

Distribution Map