Northern Two-lined Salamander

Eurycea bislineata

Northern two-lined salamanderNH Conservation Status: Not listed.


State Rank Status: Widespread and secure.


Distribution: Throughout NH.


Description: A small (2.5-4 inch) yellowish salamander with a black or brown line running from each eye to the tail that boarder a light mid-dorsal stripe. The light stripe is often peppered with black spots.


Commonly Confused Species: Larvae or light specimens of dusky salamanders; Red-backed salamander.


Habitat: Found in and around rock and cobble streams, brooks, and seepages. Adults hide under cover objects close to water’s edge. Also in wooded floodplains and occasionally moist woodlands during wet weather.


Life History: Eggs are attached to the undersides of rocks in the streambed and guarded by the females. May remain active during winter underground near streams.


Conservation Threats: Species is secure.


Distribution Map