Northern Redback Salamander

Plethodon cinereus

Northern redback salamanderNH Conservation Status: Not listed.

State Rank Status: Widespread and secure, abundant.

Distribution: Throughout NH.

Description: A small (2-4 inches) dark salamander with a reddish or orange stripe down the back from the head to tail. There is also a “leadback” phase where the body is uniformly dark. Both phases have a white and black “salt and pepper” speckled belly.

Commonly Confused Species: Northern two-lined salamander, Four-toed salamander.

Habitat: Wooded areas. Found underground or underneath logs, stumps, rocks, and moist leaf litter. During rainy nights, may climb vegetation in search of prey.

Life History: Eggs are deposited within or under rotting logs and stumps. Hibernates underground in decaying root systems.

Conservation Threats: Species is secure.

Distribution Map