Northern Red-bellied Snake

Storeria occipitomaculata occipitomaculata

Northern red-bellied snakeNH Conservation Status: Not listed

State Rank Status: Widespread and secure

Distribution: Found throughout NH

Description: A small snake measuring 8-10 inches, brown or gray body surface and a plain red belly. May or may not have 3 white nape spots.

Commonly Confused Species: Garter snakes, ringneck snakes. Young may be confused with brown snakes.

Habitat: Found in a variety of areas including moist or dry woodlands, upland fields, shorelines, swamps, and sphagnum bogs. Redbelly snakes use a variety of cover objects including woody debris, rocks, and human trash and debris piles. Eats mostly slugs and snails.

Life History: Gives birth to live young during late summer and fall. Hibernates underground in holes or abandoned anthills.

Conservation Threats: Species is secure.

Distribution Map