Northern Leopard Frog

Lithobates pipiens

Northern leopard frogNH Conservation Status: Species of Special Concern, Wildlife Action Plan Species in Greatest Need of Conservation.

State Rank Status: Vulnerable to extirpation or extinction

Distribution: Throughout NH

Description: A 2-3.5 inch slender brownish or green frog with 2 or 3 rows of irregular rounded dark spots with pale borders. Also has a light line on the upper jaw.

Commonly Confused Species: Pickerel frog has squarish dark spots and bright yellow or orange inner thighs.

Habitat: May be found in slow streams, marshes, bogs, or ponds. During summer most often found in wet meadows or fields associated with river floodplains.

Life History: Lays up to 6,000 eggs in oblong masses in shallow permanent water. Hibernates underwater or in caves.

Voice: A deep, guttural snore followed by several clucking notes.

Conservation Threats: Habitat loss, pollution

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