Eastern floater

Pyganodon cataracta

Eastern floaterNH Conservation Status: Not listed

NH State Rank Status: Apparently secure (global – secure)

Distribution: Found in the coastal, Connecticut, Merrimack, and Androscoggin River watersheds. See which watersheds and/or waterbodies PDF Document the species has been documented.

Description: A medium sized to large, elongate mussel growing up to 7 inches! Shell color is usually greenish-yellow or brownish. The inner shell (nacre) is silvery-white or metallic-bluish. Shell is very thin and fragile!

Commonly Confused Species: Alewife floater, creeper

Habitat: Small rivers and streams as well as ponds and lakes, and some wetlands. Usually not in fast moving currents. Prefers sandy, muddy, or silt substrates.

Life History: Uses a wide variety of fish species as host fish, which may include yellow perch, bluegill, and the white sucker.

Conservation Threats: Species is relatively tolerant of eutrophic conditions but may suffer some mortality when oxygen is reduced substantially.