Eastern Box Turtle

Terrapene carolina carolina

Eastern box turtleNH Conservation Status: State endangered

State Rank Status: Status of box turtles in New Hampshire not known, only 2 small populations have been identified and are currently being monitored.

Distribution: Reports received from southern New Hampshire.

Description: A small 4.5-7 inch turtle with a highly domed shell and variable patterning. Color patterns of the carapace typically consist of irregular yellow or orange markings over a brown or black base. The skin is uniformly dark with yellow or orange markings.

Commonly Confused Species: Blanding's turtle

Habitat: Terrestrial areas such as dry and moist woodlands, old fields, pastures, power-line corridors, and edges of marshes, bogs, and shallow streams. During hot weather, may rest in water or burrow under logs and moist vegetation.

Life History: During summer, excavates nests in loose, loamy soil in open areas such as hayfields, pastures, or roadsides. Hibernates under soil, decaying vegetation, or in mammal burrows.

Conservation Threats: Habitat loss and fragmentation, road mortality, and collection for pets.

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