Brown Snake

Storeria dekayi dekayi

Northern brown snakeNH Conservation Status: Not listed

State Rank Status: Widespread and secure

Distribution: Throughout southern NH

Description: A small brown snake measuring 10-14 inches. The color may vary from light to dark brown. There are two parallel rows of dark spots running down the top of snakes with lighter colored scales in between.

Commonly Confused Species: Northern redbelly snake; Garter snake

Habitat: Found in urban and rural areas including vacant lots, parks, woodlands, fields, and marshes. Uses cover objects such as woody debris, rocks, and trash piles.

Life History: Gives birth to 10-15 live young during late summer. Hibernates underground in mammal burrows or beneath buildings, sometimes in large congregations. Well adapted to urbanization.

Conservation Threats: Species is secure.

Distribution Map