Stay Safe While Renting a Snowmobile

Safety Tips While Renting a Snowmobile

Snowmobile on the trailsIf you’re considering renting a snowmobile, chances are you have little to no riding experience. Renting a snowmobile for a day or weekend is a great way to experience the sport and get a feel to see if it’s for you. Before you do, please consider the following to ensure you have a fun and safe experience:

  • 1/3 of the snowmobile accidents in the 2020-2021 season involved a rented snowmobile.
  • Inexperience and speed were contributing factors in all of those accidents.
  • All beginners should take a Snowmobile Safety Class. The live classes are free and extremely informative no matter your age.
  • The following are four tips to keep you and those around you safe before you rent a sled and hit the trails:

    • My Side is the Right Side! Stay to the right at all times.
    • Don’t be lazy, snowmobiling is an active ride! Don’t just steer your machine, put your body weight forward and lean into the turns to gain more control. Keep your eyes on where you want to go not on the trees straight ahead!
    • Lower speeds = more safe! Use less brake and less throttle around corners. Don’t panic and automatically squeeze your brakes, just ease up on the throttle and maintain control.
    • DO NOT use hand signals! Counting down does not add up – always anticipate other riders on the trail. The only way to maintain control is to keep your hands on for safety.

There are many more tips, but what our officers see the most is riders who operate at a speed excessive for the existing conditions and their experience level. For more safe riding tips, as well as information on where to ride, laws, safety education classes, and registration requirements, check out our webpage.

State law requires all rental agents and dealers to inform renters and purchasers of the laws and penalties as well as a trail map.

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