Proposed Rules

Rulemaking Notices and Updates on Proposed NH Fish and Game Rules

Migratory Bird Hunting Season Dates Proposal

Fis 300 Sections and Fis 1100 Sections – Wildlife Rules and Licenses and Permits

Fis 305.01 and Fis 306.01 – Prohibiting Night Training of Dogs and Closing Pow Wow River Area

Fis 400 Expiring Sections – Freshwater Fishing

Fis 502, Fis 503, and Fis 1104.05 – Bait Fish and Fishing Tournaments

Marine Fishery Rules

Fis 606.01 – Restrictions on Clams

Fis 1205.01 – Sporting Club Youth Pheasant Events

Fis 2100 – Interference with Hunting, Fishing, or Trapping