National Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program (HIP)

Important Information for Bird Hunters

Hunters intending to hunt migratory game birds (including ducks, geese, snipe, woodcock and coot) must have a H.I.P. permit number. There is no charge for a H.I.P. permit number.


There are two ways to get one:

  1. Call the new toll-free H.I.P. phone line: 1-800-207-6183. A live operator will give you a H.I.P. permit number. Please write this number on your license.
  2. Get your H.I.P. permit number at Fish and Game's online licensing site.


  • Your H.I.P. permit is valid for the entire waterfowl season, HOWEVER, licenses expire on December 31.
  • As in past years, hunters still need separate permits and numbers for each state in which they intend to hunt.
  • Harvest information provided by hunters through H.I.P. helps state wildlife biologists better manage migratory game bird populations.