Owl Brook Hunter Education Center

Passing on a Heritage of Outdoor Recreation

Owl Brook Hunter Education Center LogoThe NH Fish and Game Department's Owl Brook Hunter Education Center is dedicated to educating people in the knowledge, skills and behaviors needed to become safe and responsible hunters, trappers and stewards of the state's natural resources.

Owl Brook is managed by Fish and Game's Hunter Education Program. Located on 500 forested acres of land at 387 Perch Pond Road in Holderness, NH, the center was the first facility of its kind in the state.

Owl Brook hosts workshops, group programs and special events conducted by Fish and Game staff, Hunter Education and center volunteers, often in partnership with organizations such as the NH Trappers Association and the National Wild Turkey Federation. These activities allow individuals and families to start the lifelong journey of becoming safe and responsible hunters and trappers. As much as possible, the "hands-on" and "learn by participation" approach is used at the center.

Owl Brook Hunter Education Center was made possible through a grant from the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act (managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service), as well as private donations, including support from the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire.



For more information on the Owl Brook Hunter Education Center:

Call: (603) 536-1290

Mail: Owl Brook Hunter Education Center, 387 Perch Pond Road, Holderness, NH 03245.