Hunter Education Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions people have about taking a Hunter Ed class

What does it cost to take Hunter Education?

  • Traditional courses: Instructors may charge $5 per student to cover the use of facilities and minor expenses.
  • Online course: Each student must pay a $29 fee to take the New Hampshire Field Day Qualifier Exam.

Contact for more information. 

What are the age requirements for Hunter Education?

To receive a certificate of completion in hunter education or trapper education you must be at least 12 for the in-person course and online course with required in-person field day. Youth hunters should try to complete a hunter education course sometime between the ages of 12 and 16 years old.

What will I learn in Hunter Education?

The course will cover the following required subject areas:

  1. Introduction to hunter education;
  2. Hunter ethics and responsibility;
  3. Safe firearms handling and familiarization;
  4. Safe handling and familiarization of archery equipment;
  5. Bowhunting topics to include judging distances and game recovery techniques;
  6. Introduction to other specialty hunting including but not limited to, muzzleloading and crossbow;
  7. Wildlife management principles, including the North American model;
  8. Game identification and care;
  9. Outdoor safety, including, but not limited to, basic first aid, survival, and map and compass;
  10. New Hampshire game laws and rules;
  11. Tree stand safety; and
  12. A description of the Wildlife Restoration Act;
  13. (3)  A live-firing experience using .22 caliber rimfire rifles, laser rifles, or air rifles shall be included in addition to the required hours of instruction, except as provided in Fis 1201.05(h).

What if I need to cancel out of a class?

  1. Log-into your profile using the NH Fish and Game website
  2. Select the "my events" link
  3. Find the hunter education course in which you are enrolled
  4. Opt to cancel out of the course.

Log into your NH Fish and Game website profile here.

Lost your card or need to print a duplicate?

  • If you completed hunter education prior to June 1, 2016 contact the hunter education office at (603) 271-3212.
  • If you completed hunter education after June 1, 2016 login with the same username and password used to register for the course
  • Select the "my events" link
  • Find the hunter education course in which you were enrolled; there will be a print certificate button.

How do I contact the Hunter Education office?

The Hunter Education office is housed at 11 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH, in Building #2. As you enter the parking lot at Fish and Game headquarters, at the STOP sign, turn right into the small parking lot. The office door is the first on the right; look for the Hunter Education and Aquatic Education sign. The phone number is (603) 271-3212.

If I have a felony conviction can I take a hunter education course?

Pursuant to RSA 159:3 and RSA 625:11,V: Anyone convicted of a felony is not eligible to attend a Hunter Education Course. This includes the traditional class, online Field days, and any workshops where firearms, archery equipment or knives are utilized for educational purposes.  This does not include Trapper Education.