Let's Go Fishing - School Programs

Bring Fishing Right Into Your Classroom

Let's Go Fishing program logoProviding an introduction to fishing can be a great way to encourage youth to put down their electronic gadgets, get off the couch, and get involved with the natural world and active outdoor interests.

All schools interested in having a Let's Go Fishing program must have a trained instructor within your school community. Trained individuals will be responsible for teaching the classroom portion of the fishing course. Let's Go Fishing volunteer instructors will help facilitate and provide support on field trips. All necessary equipment and materials will be available to educators in the classroom.

When looking for someone to be the school representative, think outside the box; anyone within your school community -- from parents, teachers, and administrators, to support staff, etc. -- is eligible, and you may be surprised who already has background knowledge and the willingness to help out.

Trainings typically occur one time a year in the late fall and early winter. The training and support from the Let's Go Fishing program are free. Please be aware that a one-day training will need to be attended for each discipline you want to have at your school, i.e., ice fishing, fly fishing, or basic fishing.


If you are interested in scheduling a program, here are some things you need to know:

  • On average, classes are scheduled 3 months in advance. So, the earlier you call to make a reservation, the better.
  • Priority is given on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • No Class will be scheduled with 30 or less days notice.
  • There is an 8 person minimum.
  • Each group/organization/school is responsible for their own transportation to and from off-site locations

To schedule a fishing program for your school, contact Kyle Glencross by e-mail or by phone at (603) 271-3212.