Catching Landlocked Salmon in NH

Best Baits and Methods for Catching Landlocked Salmon in New Hampshire

guy holding salmon Early season anglers generally fish for salmon using live bait -- smelt, shiners and worms, from shoreline, docks and bridges. As the ice recedes and open water becomes available, one of the most popular methods to catch salmon is by trolling. Successful trollers use slowly presented smelt or shiners, or an assortment of lures including stickbaits (such as Rapala, Rebel, Yo-Zuri), spoons (Mooselook, Flash King, Sutton, Top Gun, DB Smelt) and various flash lures (Super Duper, Harry Lure, etc.).

In tributaries and rivers like the Winnipesaukee River or Merrymeeting River, fly anglers often have success working weighted nymphs, such as olive or black Woolly Buggers, various bead-head nymphs and heron flies. Other proven methods include fly-casting or trolling smelt-imitating streamer patterns, such as the Gray Ghost and its many variations, Nine-Three, Supervisor, Winnipesaukee Smelt and Maynard's Marvel.